Holiday Tours: Travel to Celebrate 4th July 2010 with USA

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Statue of Liberty4th July, time for America’s celebration for their independence from the British. The 4th of July is one of the biggest holidays of the year and is celebrated in all manner of ways. This is the best time to travel to America and to join the celebration and to understand their culture. In New York there are hundreds of events including the famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, a concert in Battery Park, parades and marching bands which is one of the biggest is in Brooklyn, baseball games, picnics and last but not least Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular.
Every district in New York will be celebrating. For a detailed schedule, contact the official New York State tourism office, I Love New York.

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The Fourth of July is a day for family fun. Whether you're taking a trip or looking for fireworks close to home, here's a list of festivities that going to take place in different places in America for those who are already their as a tourist or want to go for a holiday travel.

Philadelphia's annual Independence Day festival celebrates for almost two weeks, starting the last week in June with concerts, food events, and much more, and leading up to a full day of festivities on July 4th.

New York City:
A highlight in NYC is Macy's stupendous Fourth of July Fireworks, set off from several locations from barges on the Hudson River.

•Long Island, NY
Fireworks, parades, festivals, races, more.

•Boston's Fourth of July Harborfest
"America's Biggest Independence Day Party" is a multi-day bash with hundreds of events -- from historic tours to Children's Day to Chowderfest-- and attracts more than 2.5 million visitors. Fourth of July Pops Concert at the Esplanade is a tradition, leading up to fireworks over the Charles River.

Chicago's biggest fireworks spectacle has for more than three decades happened on July 3rd, at Grant Park: over a million people -- with blankets, coolers, picnics -- watch from the lakefront. However, this celebration is canceled for 2010; three smaller fireworks displays will take place at different points along the lakefront. On July 4th, Navy Pier -- which has fireworks all summer - will have a special fireworks display.

•Salem MA - July 4th
Kids Space with dj, activities, crafts; concerts; National Guard flyover; fireworks...

•Baltimore's Fourth of July Celebration
Baltimore's Inner Harbor is the place to be: check Calendar for all-day fun, and grand finale fireworks.

•Connecticut Fourth of July Events
Click on Events and select July 4th for parades, fireworks, etc. Mystic Seaport, for ex., has an 1870s Fourth of July.

DC Fireworks•Washington DC
A giant National Independence Day Parade starts the celebration along Constitution Avenue; in the afternoon, the annual Smithsonian Festival of American Folklife entertains; the National Archives has a Family Day; and in the evening, the National Symphony Orchestra performs while one of the country's largest shows of fireworks lights up the reflecting pool on the National Mall.

•Fourth of July in Colonial Williamsburg
Colonial Williamsburg is living history: real-life actors in the streets and in historic houses bring to life the days before the American Revolution. Expect fireworks, and the chance to ask a few questions -- ask Thomas Jefferson or Patrick Henry, that is.

•Virginia Beach
It's a Stars & Stripes Explosion for July 4th: oceanfront stages with live performances; thousands of visitors; many styles of live music; spectacular fireworks over the ocean.

•Fourth of July in Orlando
Expect great fireworks in this town! Find fireworks and celebrations at Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, Sea World, more.

•July 4th Celebrations in the Southeast
Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia - About's Guide for Southeast for Visitors covers Independence Day celebrations in all these states.
4th of July Parade•Texas: Houston July 4th
Festivities and live entertainment in Eleanor Tinsley Park lead up to "the nation's largest land-based fireworks show" (-NYC's fireworks are on a river). Other celebrations, too.

•Austin, Texas
Bring a blanket and picnic basket, for fireworks and music by the Austin Symphony; other venues too.

•New Orleans
Celebrate Independence Day New Orleans style: Go 4th on the River is a major bash, with live entertainment followed by the "Dueling Barges Fireworks Extravaganza" on the Mississippi River. Other events, too.

•Top Picks for 4th of July in St. Louis
The Fair St. Louis has a parade that's been rolling for over 130 years, a Family Fun Village, free concerts, and of course fireworks. Other celebrations too in nearby towns.

•Phoenix Independence Day
About's guide for Phoenix suggests great venues for the 4th of July, with picnics, concerts, rides, etc., leading up to the fireworks.

•Los Angeles: 4th of July Festivities
Where to celebrate the 4th of July in and around LA: festivals, fireworks, BBQ's, and more, including events in the Valley and Orange County.

•LA July 4th: Americafest at the Rose Bowl
A standout event for July 4th for families in the LA area: the Rose Bowl stadium, in Pasadena, has a day-long festival with live music, food, entertainment, and "the biggest and best fireworks show in Southern California".

•San Francisco 4th of July
The Fourth of July Celebration takes place at Pier 39, part of the popular tourist complex that includes Fisherman's Wharf, the Cannery, and Ghirardelli Square. Free family fun, bands, street performers, marionettes, face-painting, and (do we need to say it?) fireworks.

•Seattle: Fourth of Jul-Ivars
--this event was discontinued, in 2009 - check for 2010.
Ivars is a big name in Seattle for its seafood restaurants. Some 40 years ago, founder Ivar Haglund was asked to put on a fireworks show for the city. The fireworks have gone off year after year, plus music, kids' activities, food and more.


Holiday Travels: Get Wild in Kenya's MAASAI MARA

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kenya lies astride the equator to the east seaboard area of Africa. It is a medium-sized homeland by continental measures; covering a locality of about 586,600km sq. The tourist business in Kenya is the second biggest source of foreign exchange income after agriculture. The major tourist comes here for safari photography through the 19 nationwide reserves and game preserves. Other enticements encompass the mosques at Mombasa; the renowned view of the Great Rift Valley; the coffee plantations at Thika; an outlook of Mt. Kilimanjaro, over the boundary into Tanzania and its sandy coastlines along the Indian Ocean. Kenya National Parks are controlled by Kenya Wildlife Services, who gaze after and defend the areas. The salaries of employees in the National Parks are generally financed by entry charges ascribed for safaris and tours. Unlike Game Reserves, National Parks permit firmly no human habitation.


South Western Kenya is the heartland of the Maasai. The Masai Mara National Reserve, the best renowned and travelled to nationwide reserve in Kenya, is established in South Western Kenya, and extends along the boundary with Tanzania. The Masai Mara district is a part of the comprehensive Serengeti Plains, which extend over into the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Animals encompassing lions, elephant, rhino, leopard, cheetah, buffalo, antelope, zebra, wildebeest and monkeys are effortlessly glimpsed on Kenya Masai Mara Safari Tours. It is furthermore dwelling to the native Masai persons, who conventionally perform beef cattle herding. You can glimpse the Masai herdsmen in their colorful red attire on Kenya Masai Mara Safari Tours.

Wildlife in Masai Mara

The Masai Mara National Reserve is unbelievably wealthy in wildlife, which are defended and can without coercion traverse over from one homeland to another. The Great Migration, happens every year as immense herds of wildebeest, antelope, and zebra migrate in seek of nourishment and water and traverse the stream Mara into Kenya in July/August, only to come back to Tanzania in October. You can glimpse this astonishing scene on Kenya Masai Mara safari trips, with Kenya Tour Guide.

The countryside of Masai Mara comprises of revolving grasslands, called savannah, dashed with acacia trees, termite mounds, scrub and little bushes. Tourists can glimpse the Big Five African Wildlife Attractions - Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhino, and Cape buffalo on Keny Masai Mara Safari Tours. Other animals glimpsed here are cheetah, hippo, giraffe, hyena, wildebeest, antelope, zebra, and eland. Numerous birds extending from minute sunbirds to large vultures can furthermore be glimpsed at Masai Mara. The yearly Wildebeest Migration at the Maasai Mara is a natural cycle that replaces and improves the grasslands of East Africa. Each June, round 1.3 million Wildebeest accumulate in the Serengeti to calve. They gradually mass into a gigantic lone herd, until the dry time of the year withers providing new grass.

The scent of rainfall to the North starts to draw the herd all through July, and shortly the planet’s utmost animal migration is underway. This is one of the amazing wildlife enticements that make's Kenya one of the best wildlife destinations in the world. Kenya’s most well liked affinity, the Mara was bestowed its name for its sheer capacity and kind of game. There is no better time to visit the Mara than throughout the Great Migration. The sound of the close to herd is a deep, primal rumbling of thundering hooves and reduced grunts. The view of the wildebeest is staggering- a relentless ascribing mass that extends from one horizon to the other this endless grey stream of life is mottled with very dark and white as zebras connect the throng. Over the course of the migration, tourists to Kenya will have the opening to pursue the advancement of the herds and know-how the full grassland cycle firsthand. In the Maasai Mara, Africa’s biggest concentrations of killers are drawn to this flawless opening for so straightforward hunting. Lions are often glimpsed striking the herds - particularly at night- pulling down straggling individuals.

For this attractive game book, it is a time of renewal, as the dung from the travelling to herds fertilizes the plains. October will glimpse the herds turn southward and replicate the identical excursion back to the Serengeti, where the improved grasslands await. The Migration is the planet’s last large epic of life and death. Of all the calves born in the Serengeti, two out of three will not ever come back from their first and most requiring migration. It is this inextricable binding of renewal and sustenance, feast and famine, life and death that makes this happening one of nature’s utmost wonders. The migration can be skilled on early forenoon game drives in customized vehicles, strolling safaris with Maasai Warrior tour guides, horseback safaris in localities surrounding the Mara, or even from warm air Balloon safaris over the herds.

The Masai People

The Masai tribal persons have been dwelling here since the 17th century. They are pastoralists and manage not search the wildlife in the book, where they reside in customary villages and graze their cattle. Tourists can purchase Masai handicrafts for example beadwork or carved timber figurines from the souvenir stores in the village of Narok on Kenya Masai Mara Safari Tours.


The authorized currency is the Kenya Shilling. The in writing abbreviation is either KSh or utilising /= after the allowance (i.e. 500/=)

Available Notes are 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 shillings. Available coins are 1, 5, 10, 20 and 40 shillings. Visitors to Kenya should change foreign currency at banks, bureaux de change or authorized hotels. The easiest currencies to exchange are US Dollars, Pounds sterling and EURO.

Travelers Cheques are broadly acknowledged, and numerous inns, journey bureaus, safari businesses and bistros accept Credit Cards. Most Banks in Kenya are equipped to accelerate money on borrowing cards. There are no limits on the allowance of foreign currency that can be conveyed into Kenya.

Before exodus, tourists are suggested to alter any surplus Kenya shillings into foreign currency at a bank or bureau de change before departure. Departure levies can be paid in localized or foreign currency. Anyone desiring to take more than 500,000 Kenya Shillings out of the homeland will need in writing authorization from the Central Bank.

Kenya's Climate

Generally the weather is moderately hot and humid at the seaboard area, cooling and humid in the centered highlands, and warm and dry in the north and east. Across most of the homeland, rainfall is powerfully cyclic, whereas its convention, timing and span alter substantially from location to location and from year to year. Rainfall peaks in most localities are in November and April.

How to reach Masai Mara

Masai Mara is a 6-hour propels from Nairobi or a half an hour air journey from Nairobi airport.

The issue of street get access to to this district is Narok, a 3 hour propel from Nairobi. There are normal motor advisers and matatus to Narok from Nairobi and other destinations. Some persons select to fly to the Mara, which is overhauled by 2 airstrips. There are every day arranged air journey from Nairobi, and the coast. Private Charters furthermore use these strips. Accessing the Mara locality is tough without personal transport. Most tourists arrive to Maasai Mara as part of a Safari bundle from Nairobi or in a Hire Car.

Kenya Tour Guide boasts online registration for wildlife safari trips to Kenya. For more data or to publication a trip delight goes in your query in the pattern below.

Accommodation in Masai Mara

Your alternative of places to stay for your stay in Kenya should be determined by your individual journey budget. Kenya’s Maasai Mara book has a broad variety of safari lodges and reserves and journey choices in and round Masai Mara. There are luxury lodges, exclusive tented bivouacs, campsites and more available. For some persons, dozing under canvas in the Kenyan wilderness, by an open blaze and enclosed by the stunning evening disturbances of untamed animals, is a one time in a life time know-how that has larger worth than the most exorbitant inn or lodge. You can relish a stay at the book along with safari travels in shut jeeps. The lions have no worry of humans and will extend a serving of food uninterrupted even if a jeep stops close by for visitors to observe it on Kenya Masai Mara Safari Tours.

Find Tour Operators

The Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO) comprises the concerns of over 250 of the premier and most skilled expert trip operators in Kenya.

Its constituents offer a broad variety of services extending from Special concern safaris, Air safaris, Incentive journey assembly safaris, Custom safaris for one-by-one tourists, Camping safaris (luxury & budget), Indian Ocean & Coast vacations, Golf Safaris and Agro Safaris.

Tourist information

Tourists in most nations are needed to have both a identification and a visa. Vaccinations contrary to malaria and yellow high warmth are advisable.

The Kenya Tourist Board, or KTB, is the government bureau that markets Kenya to foreign travellers. The personal sector's outlooks are established with the Ministry of Tourism, which works nearly with the KNB. The Ministry of Tourism is to blame for suggesting the KNB and unfastening bodies in the ministry associated to exact kinds of tourism.


Choosing the Best Travel Agent

Monday, June 14, 2010

Travel Agent
Planning a holiday overseas can be tough so its best to look for a travel agent to direct you from start to finish. Even if you desire to journey inside your own homeland, it is habitually best to talk to those who are well renowned with transport, fooding, lodging, charges and furthermore adept to direct you. A travel agent is an individual who presents airline or cruise clients with data on traveling and tips for choosing the right destination. The first step one should take when choosing a travel agent is to get referrals from associates, family, or friends.

It is best to proceed with a travel agent who is not only declared, but furthermore qualified. The Internet is another place to seek for a potential travel agent. Many agencies have their own web sites, producing it likely to accumulate data considering the travel agent, as well as to read repsonses left by past customers on the note boards.

Top 5 Reasons one should hold in brain to choose a travel agent.

#1 Ability to provide the best options and prices.

It is not just about price. Consumers are looking for journey agencies to supply the best general answer to their one-by-one journey needs. We have a inclination to directly believe cost is what deals and not inevitably what the clientele likes or needs. Qualifying the clientele upfront can supply you with a applicable desires assessment. This can encompass designated days, value or position of places to stay or stateroom, cancellation principle, recreational amenities, the alleviate of managing enterprise, etc. It may not just be the price.

#2 Money Saver.

Saving cash is furthermore not just about price. It is more about value. If the inn was not the right position, if the cruise line was not the right cruise line, if the golf course was not the right golf course…it does not issue how much your clientele saved. They will not arrive back to you. One can save a ton of cash and be miserable. Saving cash is significant to buyers only after they have assessed the worth equation.

Value is what they are looking for. This is where you, the journey agency, can supply a discernible difference. By correctly qualifying your clients upfront, you can suggest applicable offerings and furthermore supply cost keeping strategies. Moving a designated day, altering the position of a room/cabin, being open to air journey choices, etc., all can save money. Nobody likes to yield more than necessary. In today’s natural environment, it is now trendy for clients to brag to their gazes and associates how much they have kept, if it is a inn room, airline chair or cruise. Value seen and obtained is critical.

And remember, if the customer has a bad travel experience, you will never hear from them how much money they saved.

#3 Knowledge on Product.

Customers purchase insight. This is the most significant ascribe besides the proposing of charge and merchandise options. Travel agencies can place themselves to be journey professionals if they have the correct teaching and information to back it up. This is why extending learning is so critical, if you are in an agency natural environment or at home.

#4 Ability to answer questions about safety/security.

Safety and security have habitually been peak of brain with leisure travelers. Consumers are searching out safety/security data which presents them with up to designated day data on journey destinations. In the world we reside in today, this is critical.
One will not make assumptions about any place travelled to, particularly worldwide, without having the insight from up to designated day data, if it is political, wellbeing associated, terrorism, or climate related. And we understand how quickly this can change.

Travel agents can provide a terrific service to their customers by providing this information on a timely basis. Many sources are available. One that comes to mind is IJET Travel Risk Management, Others include:,,, and many more.

#5 Time Saver.

Consumers have no time. We reside in a time deprived society. 6 out of 10 tourists manage not seem they have sufficient holiday time. The worth of a journey agency is the proficiency to supply a personalized journey know-how at the right value and cost and most significantly, keeping time and power for their customer.

Sure, one can save cash going online and expending hours to find the best deal. But a journey agency does the work and has the insight to agree the right journey merchandise at the right cost with the befitting needs. In detail, the worth of a journey agency will become more increased in the future as the world extends to stay perplexing, time deprived and stressful. Consumers will turn to journey professionals who will proceed as journey concierges and consultants.

Price is significant, although, leisure travelers are looking to journey agencies for more. Being knowing, keeping time and power, proposing the best choices, residing present with safety/security matters, and consigning the best worth are attributes leisure travelers yearn in journey agents. In detail, as a assembly, they are much more significant than price.



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